Wink of an Eye (EN)

Gepubliceerd op 1 juli 2016 07:01

Nine years gone by in just a wink of an eye,

Two years ago we had to say Diego goodbye.

Simply missing you two,

Honoring and remembering is all we can do.


Recent years we memorize you in a positive way

It was needed, it was not mend lime to stay

Three years ago, a dragonlady became an active lifepart

2 years ago, we gained a lovely nephew and I was no longer alone, but lovesmart

Last year, I started seeing my options again

This year, I was filled with stress and a lot to gain.


I am proud to say now I graduated, with all good grades

All sun and no shades

Dear Sander, all is not lost

And not at high cost


In Spirit, we are in your company

And Three, is a number we just have to see

Thank you for watching over me

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