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The past weekend was kind of an anticlimax after the hectic month, we had.

It started, when I suddenly last moment, had to change stud dog. To make everything right for the actual match, Sylvia and I agreed to do it by the rules of FCI (international), German VDH, Dutch Raad van Beheer and Dutch BCCN. And we both had our own list of demands. Also we agreed, because this was going to be the first time for both dogs, we would only announce the combination when there would be puppys.

The reason why we are now coming out, is this situation also can happen being a breeder and we want to be open about it so maybe other (new) breeders can learn from this experience (like we have).

Sadly, we now already know we will not have pups this time.

Not because of what we did with our list of rules and demands (which are all met), not because of they didn’t like eachother. We saw a couple who had fun with eachother and they were in sinc. Now more than ever we want the combination. It has everything to do with timing and advice.

Being a newby at the breeding scene and perfectionist, I want everything done in a correct way. All tests, which I found necessary should be done and have been done. Also the Dutch BCCN, was a bit of a long wait, but last week, we received notice, Ice was cleared for this match.

Normally, when Elena is in heat, she is like a fountain of blood. This time, it was really difficult to see blood, she was extremely clean at herself. When she is in heat, she has a particular dislike towards strange men. She growls or barks at them. Also she is quite jumpy and what I like, is she listens really well, more than usual, when she just walks around with her middle finger up or with bananas in her ears. Also she is quite punctional. 6 months, almost to the day. This time, also a no. She was 3 weeks later in heat.

Of course, I can relate she noticed the extreme pressure surrounding me. I wanted and needed answers, to meet the high standards which Sylvia and I wanted. I believe, cause of the attachment we have, she is extremely focussed at me and I think she wanted to help me, to please me.

Monday the 10th we went to the vet to get her first ovulationtest. I wanted to know where we were. The day before, I saw her behaviour as well as a small drop of blood (not very visible) and there was definite movement, so the next test was done and the result was the same. In total we did 4 tests and the last one on Wednesday the 20th and there was finally some movement. The vet told me, we had a couple of options and he told me his experience as a breeder was that the bitch was going probably for Saturday and Sunday, I would be in time!

Because I didn’t want to drive the whole road (3,5 hours) by myself with a bitch being extremely seeking attention, I asked my friend to come along. At the last moment, we switched to my mother. She had on Saturday a cremation (we lost a good friend/uncle), so we arrived around dinner time and we went for a walk with Sylvia and Ice.

We saw great chemistry with the two of them, really very playfull and caring towards each other….They ren across the fields and we saw one time she shifted her tail in a way and at that moment our thoughts were yes, this is a sign, the first of many, we hoped.

On Sunday, we were invited in the garden of a friend, she works in a vetclinic. My mother and I left the scene, cause I noticed Elena was extremely protective towards us. Around noon, we received a tekst and we returned to the garden and there was news.

Not the kind, we hoped. Appearantly my lovely bitchy dragonlady has ovulated earlier than we expected and the sign we saw, was not the first but one of the last signs.

So this year, there will be no pups at Spirit of Three.

But with this experience, Sylvia and I are more determined that we have a very good combination in mind. They complement eachother beautifully. We have also a back up stud dog, if this isn’t mend to be. He also is going to be fully checked and asked for permission as well with the BCCN.

So we are glad to announce, spring/summer 2017, we are trying again to have pups from the following combination:

Elena & Ice

The website of Sylvia and Ice is: http://www.der-bordercollie.de/


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